The story of Ella is a long and fascinating one; the part she played in the coffee business is captivating. After spending some time in Brazil with her husband’s family she returned to the United States, using part of her travel money to bring some green coffee beans with her. The coffee she roasted at home would turn out to be so popular that it spawned a business. As more and more people requested the wonderfully roasted beans the family turned to the power of a bicycle to power some of their operations. Legend even had it that Ella would ride the bike that powered the process.

Ella, joined by her son Paul and daughter Maria, would go on to found Paul deLima Coffee. Ella Coffee is not only a tribute to the woman who started it all but a glorious roast for all who enjoy the pleasure of a truly indulging cup of coffee. Through the power of art, love & science, we thank Ella.

Since Ella and her family founded deLima Coffee the company has gone on to grow to one of the premier specialty coffee companies in the United States. For more information about deLima Coffee, visit us at